Kyrsten Simena and Joe Manchin are threats to the Democratic Party


I’m no stranger to writing about the flaws of almost every Republican politician who has been in Washington in the past few years, mainly because there is just so much to write about. But now the Democrats are more than deserving of criticism. Typically, I focus on the absurd politics of far-right conspiracy theorists or simply just Trump, but now it is time to talk about the problematic antics of moderate Democrats such as the likes of Kyrsten Sinema and Joe Manchin.
Both Senators Sinema and Manchin hail from traditionally Republican-leaning states, so naturally, they are more conservative in terms of their democratic views. When the Democrats held a minority in the Senate, these more conservative Democrats did not cause the same problems they do now that the Democrats have a majority in the House, the Senate, and the Presidency. Because the Democrats have 50 Senators, and the majority due to the 51st vote coming from the Vice President, they have to be united in all of the legislature they wish to pass. Because the issue of unity within the Democratic Party is more pertinent now than ever before, having outliers like Sinema and Manchin prove to be a threat to the Democrats’ agenda.
Recently, you may have heard about the “Build Back Better” plan that has been a main talking point of the Biden Administration. The “Build Back Better” agenda is a sweeping bill that covers a wide range of social policies, on everything from climate change legislation to things like education, housing, and job plans. This plan is one of the key parts of Biden’s domestic agenda, and while the Republicans are firmly united in opposition, the Democrats are far from unified on this issue.
Particularly, Joe Manchin of West Virginia is one key Democrat who is making it impossible for this bill to pass. Manchin is insistent on stalling on this bill and objecting to its clean energy initiatives. Presumably, this is because of West Virginia’s coal industry that would be heavily impacted by this bill. Manchin’s concern about a small aspect of the bill is holding up almost the entirety of Biden’s domestic agenda. It is absurd that Senator Manchin is willing to stall such a crucial bill over the concerns of a state so small. Not only does Manchin’s home state have ties to the fossil fuel industry, but Manchin holds personal stocks in numerous companies that would be impacted by these clean energy policies. Instead of helping to pass the bill, Senator Manchin is more concerned with his own prosperity than that of an entire nation. Laughably, Manchin is considered a Democrat, despite recent reports of his intentions to leave the Democratic Party.
Another problematic Democrat is Senator Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona. Like Manchin, Sinema is holding up the “Build Back Better” agenda over trivial concerns. Sinema believes the price tag of the bill is simply too big, but she refuses to specify exactly what she believes should be cut from the bill in order to make it “more affordable.” In addition, it has recently come to light that blocking this bill contributes to her personal financial gain. “Sinema has taken at least $923,000 from the industry groups leading the lobbying blitz against the ‘Build Back Better’ agenda, or from the individual corporations these groups represent,” Accountable.US reported. Sinema, just like Manchin, is more focused on her own personal gain than the progress of America.
Conservative Democrats are most definitely aware of the power they hold in the Senate, as they have the overwhelming ability to stall bills. But instead of focusing on what they personally can gain from this situation, such individuals should focus on working to unite the Democratic Party. Of course, asking politicians to think about people other than themselves is difficult to ask, but it is more important now than ever before.