Varsity field hockey fights for victory in the second half of the season


As they strike the mid-season mark, the KO varsity field hockey team has posted a 4-6 record with promising potential for the second half of the season. 

So far this season, the Wyverns have emerged victorious against Miss Porter’s School, Greenwich Country Day, Millbrook, and, most recently, Hopkins. 

Throughout their games this season, Head Coach Chapin Yates has seen remarkable strength in the team’s midfield plays. “Our midfielders do a great job possessing the ball through transition, working hard to provide forward scoring opportunities, and helping our defense by recovering back,” Coach Yates said. “The middies are well-conditioned and have great stick skills.”

Although the team has had more losses than wins this season, they have competed at a high level nonetheless. Senior Co-captain Abby McLaughlin is proud of the girls’ effort day in and day out on the field during games and practices. “Our team is full of hard workers and players with a lot of heart,” McLaughlin said. “So even when we play tough opponents, I know I can count on them to put forth their absolute best effort the whole game.”

In some of the Wyverns’ more recent losses, being able to attack and capitalize on possessions inside the circle has been a big takeaway. Scoring opportunities are one of the most important keys to winning games, according to Coach Yates. “An area we need to improve on is scoring in the attacking circle,” Coach Yates said. “We have dominated possession in games we have lost because of little, or no scoring opportunities. Once we overcome this hurdle, I have no doubt we will be successful.” Recently, on Hewett Day, the Wyverns suffered a tough loss, falling to Westminster School 6-0.

Coach Yates also highlighted the seniors, specifically senior forward Co-captain Alyssa Pavano, as well as senior center midfielder Arie Lang, left midfielder Katharine Doar, right back Allie Wildstein, left forward Olivia Kittleman, goalie Caroline Boardman, and McLaughlin as major impact players so far this season. She noted their tremendous skills on the field as players and leaders, as well as their strong work ethics. 

During a typical practice, the team will begin with fundamental stick work and then move to possession and shooting drills that involve the whole squad. Coach Yates will also include drills that emphasize points of improvement from previous games. 

In terms of the rest of the season, Pavano is confident that the team will continue to work hard and get even more wins. “This is a very strong team with players ready to contribute from all grade levels,” Pavano said. “As we move forward this season, I know we will get even more wins because of how dedicated we all are.” Looking forward, the Wyverns hope to improve their skills and capitalize on their remaining games.