Ms. Baratz: A positive addition to KO


The Kingswood Oxford community is thrilled to welcome math teacher Nicole Baratz to the Upper School. Ms. Baratz is a lively and passionate teacher with a love for math and the KO community. She received her bachelor’s degree in Mathematics from Fairfield University and taught Algebra and coached field hockey at Concord Academy in Concord, Mass. 

Ms. Baratz always had a passion for math, and at Fairfield University, she was inspired to become a math teacher when one of her professors asked her to teach his children. “That was such a whirlwind of a compliment,” she said, “and I have always loved tutoring and teaching, so that really inspired me to pursue teaching fully as my career path just because I love working with students.”

After teaching at Concord Academy for three years, Ms. Baratz is elated to continue pursuing her passions of teaching and coaching at KO. This year, Ms. Baratz teaches Geometry and Algebra II Honors and is the assistant coach of the varsity field hockey team.

As a math teacher, Ms. Baratz’s mission is to create a positive learning environment by encouraging her students to ask questions, trust their instincts, and focus on enjoying the process of solving a problem more than the end result. “My goal is for students to feel confident in themselves in and out of the classroom, and I really want them to believe in themselves and what they can do,” she said.

Ms. Baratz is excited to be teaching at KO, as she feels that the school truly values its students, and its holistic approach to education and strategic vision help prepare students for life beyond their studies. “Students are more than just what they can do in your classroom,” Ms. Baratz said. “They are whole people that are going to go out into the world and change the world and do different things. I really like that KO really believes in teaching the student as a whole.”

In her free time, Ms. Baratz loves to solve puzzles and golf. She focuses on incorporating fun activities into her classes, and her students describe her as motivating, considerate, and passionate.

KO welcomes Ms. Baratz, and we are eager to see all of the joy that she will bring to her students and the community!