Form 6 Prom Invitation Breakfast


On Thursday, April 21, at 8:15 am, the Form 6 Prom Invitation Breakfast was held in the dining hall. 

This breakfast is an annual event that takes place the coming weeks before Senior Prom.  “The breakfast is an opportunity for seniors to receive a formal invitation to the 2022 Senior prom and cherish their last weeks of high school,” Form Six Dean David Hild said. 

Mr. Hild helped out with the planning of the event, but the parent association did most of the hard work. The KO parent association generously brought in food, such as donuts, bagels, yogurt, and juices. In addition, Sage Dining provided waffles, pancakes, sausage, and bacon, all making for a delicious meal to start the day.

The dining hall was decorated with gold balloons and other decorations to make it a festive and fun event that would be enjoyable for everyone. “The breakfast was really nice for a number of reasons; it was a fun way to receive our prom invitations, socialize with your friends before school and to get excited for prom,” senior Samhita Kashyap said. “Also, it’s really wonderful to have these special events, as it makes for a nice way to end senior year.” 

Many other seniors agree with Samhita’s thoughts. “I had a lot of fun at the breakfast, eating and socializing with my friends,” senior Seve Concepcion said. 

The parents association played such an important role in making this prom invitation breakfast happen. “It was very kind of the Parent Association to donate food and help organize this,” senior JJ Kanaan said. “Everyone, including myself, really enjoyed it, and I am so thankful for their help. It goes to show how supportive the parents are and that is really great for the KO community.” 

In addition, everyone received gift bags with their invitations and a KO monogrammed water bottle. This annual tradition is a great way for seniors to formally receive a prom invitation and socialize with their classmates.