Juniors enjoy night of dancing, gambling, dinner at Farmington Gardens


On Saturday, April 2, the junior class gathered together for a casino-themed prom night held at Farmington Gardens from 6:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. The students congregated on the Senior Green for photos and then enjoyed a night of dancing, food, and casino games at Farmington Gardens. 

Students arrived on campus at 5:00 p.m. to take pictures on the Senior Green with their dates, friends, and families. KO hired a professional photographer to capture the moment and even snapped a drone shot of the students from above. After pictures concluded, the students were led to buses that took them to the venue.

Considering the unpredictability of the pandemic, the prom committee decided to hold the event off-campus for the first time. “We were encouraged to go off-campus where the restrictions were less,” Form Five Dean and Spanish teacher Ronald Garcia said. They chose Farmington Gardens, located only 15 minutes away from KO. 

The students liked the venue and agreed that it was better than having prom at KO. “I really liked how junior prom was off-campus because Farmington Gardens was much nicer than our cafeteria, and it created more of a formal feel,” junior Quin Kearney said. 

Upon the students’ arrival, the mocktail bar, located in the greenhouse of Farmington Gardens, was opened and students lined the counter to order a drink. With a Shirley temple in hand, students made their way into the ballroom, each receiving two casino bucks as they entered.

The ballroom reflected the theme of the night: casino. Tables ornamented in black tablecloths were topped with chocolate coins and dice. Red, gold, and black balloons and decorative banners spanned the room. 

In addition to dancing, students had the option to partake in casino games including blackjack, poker, and roulette with the chance to win big. Prizes included gift cards to many teen-favorites such as Dunkin Donuts, Bartaco, Starbucks, and more.  

The casino games were a big hit amongst the students. “I thought that the casino theme was really fun and a good way for us to engage with each other throughout the night,” Quin said. “It was also nice for kids that aren’t into dancing because it opened up another option as something to do.” Junior Kyra Dunnirvine agreed, adding that the casino games were her favorite part of the night. “I really enjoyed playing casino games with my friends,” she said. 

 After students tried their luck at gambling, they gathered around the tables with their friends and dates to eat. The buffet-style dinner of the night offered myriad options, including pasta, tacos, salad, and much more. Students enjoyed dinner. “The food was very good and I liked that it was self-serve so we could eat whenever we wanted,” Kyra said. Quin agreed, adding that the ice cream bar was one of her favorites. “I also thought the ice cream bar was a really nice touch,” she said.  

With most students out of gambling money, it was now time to hit the dance floor. The DJ got the students jumping up and down to some of their favorite tunes, even the occasional throwback. “I really liked the music because it was really easy and fun to dance to,” Quin said. “The dance floor was definitely the place to be that night.” 

The night concluded with a raffle—each student could cash in their remaining casino bucks for a chance to enter up to two tickets. Several winners were announced and winners received gift cards.

As junior prom was canceled last year due to pandemic restrictions, the juniors were excited to see its return and spend a fun night with their class. “I was very excited that we even had the opportunity to go to prom since the pandemic,” Quin said. “We weren’t required to wear masks either, which was very nice because it made life feel normal again.” 

Upper School Administrative Coordinator Lindsay Perkins stressed the importance of events like these for students. “Social events are so important for students,” she said. “It’s a huge part of the high school experience.” Kyra agreed, noting that social events like prom help her navigate a school-life balance. “It allows the community to come together and gives us something fun to do together,” she said. “It is also a good break from schoolwork and studying.” 

Overall, Junior Prom 2022 was considered a success by the students and faculty alike.  “It was great to see how much fun the students had dancing together and playing the casino games,” Mr. Garcia said.