2022 Met Gala looks


Disclaimer: these ratings have nothing to do with the actual people. 

Have you missed me? Because I missed reviewing celebrities outfits. Everyone knows that the Met Gala is the event of the year, but something many don’t know is that one ticket costs $35,000. That is, unless you are invited by a designer, which is very rare, and it’s only a privilege of the rich and famous.  

This year’s Met Gala theme was Gilded Glamor, but I don’t think everyone got the memo. The reason that so many people were out of theme this year could be because celebrities usually are dressed by designers, who usually want to show off their new collection in an effort to promote it to the public. I think a lot of those designers forget that the Met Gala is a charity event and not just a sales pitch. 

Someone whose outfit is usually perfect is Blake Lively. She is known to match her dress to the carpet, and even though this year it was not a perfect match and her dress wasn’t quite on theme, you can’t deny that both of her dresses were out of this world, and the Met Gala was the perfect place to showcase them. I also really liked her hair but was not a big fan of her earrings; I would have preferred some sort of necklace that complimented the sweetheart neckline of both of her dresses. 

I really wanted to make Billie Eilish’s look work for me, because it was on theme and fit perfectly, but her dress this year was not it. Billie Eilish dressed as Marilyn Monroe, and in my humble opinion, that is a match made in heaven. According to multiple sources, Billie Eilish “won this year’s Met Gala.” Unfortunately, those sources just lost me as a viewer because that is the stupidest thing I have ever heard. 

Billie Eilish’s dress looked like something straight out of my grandma’s closet, and not in a good way. Respectfully, that dress should have been buried with Marilyn Monroe. I mean, the corset and bottom of the dress were fine; however, the problem began with the sleeves and ended with that hideous flower situated in the middle of her chest. The sleeves would have been ok if they weren’t the color of baby Shrek. I did, however, like her choker, and I did like her hair but would have preferred for it to be blonde for that night because, just like that hideous flower, it was distracting.

Another person who dressed up as Marilyn Monroe was the controversial Kim Kardashian. Both controversial figures, they both looked stunning in the dress. I do think the dress was a little simple and Kim could have added some of her own personal touches, but nonetheless it looked great. I did hear that it did not exactly fit great; as a matter of fact, I heard that it actually did not fit at all. So, the question arises if Kim actually wore Marilyn’s real dress. So far my research has been inconclusive, but this is the conspiracy theory of the century. Rest assured, I will get to the bottom of this. 

Now, how could I review Kim’s dress without reviewing Pete Davidson’s look for the night? I am not sure if men dressed like security guards back then, but, Pete, it was cute of you to make sure Kim was safe for the duration of the night. I did, however, appreciate the hint of bling under the tie and on the front pocket; it really elevated the whole look. I would have preferred something that tied Pete’s look to Kim’s, but I will take it. Something I will not take is those sunglasses; those photos could not have been taken earlier than 6:00 p.m. – the start of the Met Gala – and I realize you might not be used to all those cameras, but please, suck it up and take them off. You look like the security. 

 On the other hand, someone who outdressed all the celebrities and security this year was a journalist named Genesis Suero. Her dress and hair were just perfect and the most on theme out of all the other looks that night. Everyone should try and be more like Genesis, because I loved everything about her look. 

This year’s looks were truly enjoyable to review and even if you don’t agree with my opinion,  you can always write your own or see if my reviews next year will work better for you.