Selling Sunset


“Selling Sunset” is a reality TV show that first premiered on Netflix on March 21, 2019.  The show is about the glamorous life of 10 real estate agents selling luxury homes in Los Angeles. The five seasons that have been released so far have shown the audience the ins and outs of the LA real estate industry, from celebrity mansions to drama between coworkers.  Although the fifth season has taken a turn to focus on drama, relationships, and clothing, rather than selling houses, it still provides an enjoyable experience for the audience.    

Like every other reality show, the agents of the Oppenheim Group are always involved in co-worker drama. While the first season was mainly focused on giving the audience a look into luxury homes designed for celebrities, by the fifth season, it has turned its attention to the relationships between coworkers. Gossip, pettiness, and alliances all define the atmosphere in their workplace.  

The main conflict of the show lies between the leading character of the show, Chrishell Stause, and her cold-hearted coworker Christine Quinn. The love-hate relationship they exhibited quickly turned into a high tension feud between the two women. The never ending drama and hatred that always seems to radiate from Christine’s side of the office leaves the audience with one question at the end of the fifth season: Will the sun finally set on Christine Quinn’s career? 

The long awaited release of season five finally occurred on April 22, 2022. With the addition of a new season, another real estate agent was added to the mix. Chelsea Lazkani was brought to the group by Christine as more of an ally rather than an actual real estate agent. Outnumbered by the coworkers that wanted her fired from the office, she had to make sure the odds didn’t stay stacked against her. Although her coworkers were on edge about her addition to the office, Chelsea was able to prove herself a capable real estate agent and a loyal friend to Christine until the end. With the office split into two opposing sides, the atmosphere is never drama free.  

After watching one episode of “Selling Sunset,” it is clear that it’s more of a fashion show than a real-estate show. Sporting designer logos and platform heels, the agents sometimes look more like barbie dolls than real estate agents. Adorned in glamorous pieces from head to toe, Christine, without a doubt, could be voted best dressed. Where her personality lacks, her wardrobe certainly makes up for it with sequined blazers and platforms.  

Although the gossip is always entertaining, the fifth season showed very few actual houses and sales. It was overwhelmingly packed with drama and parties amongst the girls, giving it similar qualities to every other reality TV show on Netflix. Because of this, it had lost its touch of uniqueness when it stopped showing the multi million dollar houses they’re known for selling.

The extravagant and over-the-top properties sold on this show should be the focal point of this Netflix series, not simply a background for Christine’s newest party or a place for the agents to share the latest gossip. However, the show still provides a look at some of the most high end houses in the area which continues to be a highlight.