KO says goodbye to Ms. Frye


There are many words that come to mind when you think of English teacher Mela Frye: poetry-lover, multi-tasker, mom, superhero, and a beloved member of the Kingswood Oxford community. Mrs. Frye came to KO in January of 2016 to temporarily teach a senior thesis class, but as soon as Mrs. Frye walked through that door, she immediately knew KO was a special place, and the KO community quickly embraced her. 

Mrs. Frye fell in love with teaching so much that she decided to break away from her intended path of writing poetry and took a risk that has rewarded hundreds of students. She has taught so many classes that she had to get back to me with a list. Those classes include: English 3, English 5, Symposium, Poetry: From Keats to Kanye, Word Play, Robot Dreams, and Mythology in Literature. She has also been a faculty advisor for the Student Government as well as a Form Dean. On top of all that Mrs. Frye has juggled being a mom. 

Her most memorable experience was teaching her creative writing class. “I really loved it when I was teaching my creative writing class to seniors,” Mrs Frye said. “We would do the Wallace Stevens poetry walk through Hartford and that was just a lot of fun, and I loved being able to do that program.”

Mrs. Frye has loved working at KO and developed strong connections with the community. “My favorite memory of Mrs. Frye is honestly just talking with her in class,” junior Sattah Phouthakoun shared. “She is just such a fun spirit to be around, and she just gives us the best advice both in class and in Student Government.”  Sattah recalled how open Mrs. Frye is and how she really wants to help her students grow.

“One thing I love about Mrs Frye is that she actually starts with what students are interested in and connects that with what we are learning,” junior Frank Pu said. “I think this ability as a teacher is really amazing and admirable.”

Over her years at KO, Mrs. Frye connected with many of her colleagues. When speaking to a few of them, they all spoke very highly of her and are saddened to see her go. 

English Department Chair Catherine Schieffelin has worked alongside Mrs. Frye for six years, and she was especially impressed with Mrs. Frye’s ability to run such a remarkable Symposium class. “I was so inspired by her creativity and the way she approached teaching Symposium and bringing it alive,” Ms. Schieffelin said. “I also just never imagined an English teacher could write a play and have it get performed in six months.” 

We are sad to see Mrs. Frye go. We know that she will do a lovely job as a book coach at Scribe Media, a nonfiction publishing company that primarily publishes informative texts and memoirs. 

Mrs. Frye will always be #1 in Kingswood Oxford’s heart, so it is only fitting that she will go on to work at the World’s #1 Professional Publishing Company that has worked with over 2,000 authors in the past seven years and has published dozens of New York Times Best Sellers. Mrs. Frye is fulfilled with her career at Kingswood Oxford and is ready to take on a new adventure, and we wish her the best of luck.