Middle School A baseball battles in long-awaited Season

In the Middle

After two tough years battling the effects of COVID-19, the Middle School A baseball team has finally picked up where they left off, at the top of the league and dominating once again with a 4-3 record.

The team has been fortunate enough to return to baseball after the two-year stretch with no spring sports.

The team is led by a strong core of eighth-graders. Key team leaders include eighth-graders Ronan Culligan, Greyson Pierce, and Drew Dargati. All three of which have been integral parts of the team’s wins at the end of the season. continuously led rallies that have nailed down their wins in the ending games of the season.

Ryan Radmanovich, the team’s head coach, has been pleased with the team’s performance so far. “From the first practice we knew we had a lot of talent,” he said.“All of our guys are stepping up and performing.”

Known to his team as “Coach Rad,” Coach Radmanovich is one of the best coaches around. With his experience as a professional baseball player and a true love for the game, he fits the description for coaching at any level. In addition to coaching the Middle School A squad, he also coaches the Upper School varsity team. 

Jeffery Gonzalez, the assistant coach of the A team, is looking forward to the next and final two games of the season, as is the rest of the team.

After their first game against Hamden Hall, the team was handed a tough loss, shut down by Hamden Hall’s strong pitching. Since then, they’ve dominated all of their opponents, turning their record around.

The team hit the road against the Rectory School on Wednesday, May 11, with eighth-grader Adam Gold starting on the mound. 

The team used the momentum from their previous game and continued their explosive offense. The excitement, however, was short-lived. After the first inning, they scored only one more run in the second inning and no more for the rest of the game.

Rectory Middle School, however, consistently scored one run every inning until winning the game in their final at-bats. KO’s squad was handed an unfortunate 5-4 loss. 

The team took on Renbrook School on Spring Sports Day, complimenting their road win over Renbrook a few weeks prior.

Eighth-grader Drew Dargati, KO’s third baseman, was ready to get his hacks in after missing their initial game against the Renbrook Hawks. Dargati has sports in his family and specializes in both basketball and baseball. He said is heavily committed to both sports. “[I’m] invested in basketball too, but it hasn’t been in my family as much as baseball,” he said.

After a win the weekend before, the team prepares for their last game of the year, away at Hopkins, hoping to build off of their victory on Spring Sports Day.

Coach Radmanovich looks ahead but is more focused on conquering one game at a time. “We are nearing the end of the season,” he said, “but I think, as we do on the varsity team, we just work one pitch at a time, we don’t worry about what’s already happened, and don’t look too far ahead. Our motto in the Upper School is ‘one pitch at a time, focus on the next pitch’ because the next pitch is so important in this game. You have to have a short memory and as I said, we can’t look too far ahead and just have to worry about the next out,” he said. 

The seventh graders on the team can look forward to a winning record next year; with stud power bats, and golden-glove defense, the future is bright for this truly special middle school baseball team.