KO MS track follows new course

In the Middle

This year’s middle school track and field team has taken a different focus. This spring season, instead of running and jumping hurdles, Head Coach Kelly Anstead decided to let the middle schoolers play games. 

Over time this program has changed, according to Coach Anstead. “This wasn’t a decision on my part, it’s just the way the program has evolved,” she said. 

Other than coaching middle school track, Coach Anstead teaches seventh-grade American History. “It’s neat to see my students in a different environment other than class and see them running around and having fun,” she said. 

Eighth-grader Ted O’Connor thinks the team should do other games than the usual ones. “I think we should play ultimate frisbee, I play it outside of school and it’s fun,” he said. 

Eighth-grader Gabby Shields thinks the warm ups have helped her grow as an athlete. “The agility we do before we get into what we’re doing helps me be a better athlete,” she said. 

These middle school athletes find the new focus to be fun and well worth the time, loving the opportunity to do something new each day.