Girls soccer scores some success 


With a 4-6 record on the season so far, Kingswood Oxford girls varsity soccer have continued to work hard to improve during their games this month. 

On Sept. 24, the team traveled to Williston Northampton in Massachusetts for a night game. The team started strong early, and the game’s two goals were scored in the first half by juniors Ella Sokale striker and Sophia Radmanovich winger. The team’s defense was able to keep a clean sheet for the entire game, ending with a final score of 2-0 in favor of the Wyverns.

Following this win, the girls traveled to Canterbury on Sept. 28, returned home to host Cheshire Academy on Oct. 1, and then traveled to Suffield Academy on Oct. 8. Unfortunately the girls were not able to get much started against these strong opponents and fell short 4-0, 3-1, and 5-0, respectively. 

However, the girls looked to turn the tide against Kent on Oct. 12. In this game, the Wyverns scored three times courtesy of Sokale, junior midfielder Co-captain Georgia Louis, and junior winger Ashley Neikrie. The team’s stellar defense that game helped lead them to a 3-1 victory. 

On Hewett Day, the girls faced a historically strong Pomfret team. From the start of the game, the girls dominated and ended with a 2-0 victory, thanks to goals by Sokale and Louis. “This is the first year that we won against them [Pomfret] in my four years of playing soccer here and we definitely worked hard to end up with a 2-0 win,” senior defender Co-captain Alina Vaughn said. 

Following their Hewett Day victory, the girls faced a tough Choate team at home on Oct. 19. The team fell 4-0, with all the opponent’s goals being scored in the first half. In the second half, though, the Wyverns were able to tighten their defense to not allow Choate to score.

As the team looks ahead to the remainder of their season, they hope to continue to improve game by game. One of the team’s strengths so far has been their athleticism and stamina, but the team still struggles with occasional mistakes. “​​We’re trying to eliminate those mistakes and practice in a repetitive manner, just so we can eliminate the negative play,” said Head Coach Sal Penta. “The other thing we’re doing to keep training at a high work rate with high energy.” 

The team’s mentality has also been an area of focus for the girls recently, one that they have been starting to improve but could still use some work on. “I think that’s something that we need to work on is being able to read the game a little bit better, and anticipate things a little bit better,” Vaughn said.

The team took home a massive win at home on Friday, Oct. 28, when they defeated the typically strong Loomis Chaffee School with a score of 1-0. Radmanovic scored early in the first half, and their impeccable defensive determination allowed them to hold on for the remainder of the game. The Wyverns moved quickly, playing Hotchkiss School the very next day. Fatigue got the best of them, as they fell 3-0. The Berkshire School was next on the schedule where the Wyverns fell again with a score of 4-0. With just three games left on the season, the Wyverns look to end the season strong with three straight wins.