Player of the Moment: Rhandyn Bair


Junior receiver and safety Rhandyn Bair has been a key contributor to the varsity football team this season. Bair currently leads the team in receptions, receiving yards, and interceptions. 

Head Coach Brandon Batory has nothing but good things to say about Bair. “Rhandyn is a massive contributor to our team,” he said. “He only comes out for a handful of plays each game.” Coach Batory also noted how crucial Bair is on offense. “Offensively he is electric – a touchdown waiting to happen. When we get him the ball, good things tend to happen,” Coach Batory said. Bair not only plays offense but also defense, and he is just as special on the opposite side of the ball. “Defensively he plays free safety for us and helps protect the back end of our defense,” Coach Batory said. “Chasing down run plays, and breaking up passes he has been excellent in that position.” 

Many of Bair’s teammates also mentioned how important he is to the team. Senior Co-captain running back and cornerback Chase Fountain mentioned how he puts the team first. “Rhandyn is fast, he plays hard, he plays for the team, and he’s not selfish,” he said. “He’s always working hard in practice and has good energy.” 

Senior defensive end Geordan Robertson added to Fountain’s statement. “Rhandyn has definitely made a difference for the team, he keeps us in games offensively and defensively,” he said. “He’s a great team player, and also a huge influence.”

Bair had a few goals for himself and the team heading into the season.  “My season goal was to have a winning record, due to the fact we haven’t had one since 2018,” he said. Bair then added how much a winning record would mean not only for the team but also for the first-year Coach Batory. “Coach Batory is also like a father figure to me on the field and off,” he said. “I definitely want him to get a winning record.”

Bair explained how much playing football means to him and why he loves the sport so much. “I play this sport because you really get to connect with people around you and build a family with your teammates,” he said. “This sport isn’t just a sport to me, it has a lot of meaning behind it.” Bair then went on to say how he is pushed by his older siblings to be the best. “Watching my brothers play the sport and excel at it encouraged me to try my hardest and push me through and work hard to be the best at football,” he said. 

As Bair develops as a player in the remainder of this season and into next year, Coach Batory is excited to Bair grow. “He has made tremendous strides from last year to now and has established himself as one the best players in all of New England,” Coach Batory said. It is clear that Bair has great potential and we cannot wait to see his continued success.

The final game of the season comes on Saturday, Nov. 12, against New Hampton on Senior Day where the team looks to end the season on a high note with a winning record!