Acting in the MS

In the Middle

Matthew Wiggin, a new (subject) teacher, and Middle School advisor was given the chance to teach acting to middle schoolers. “I discovered my love for performing when I saw the ballet Giselle in NYC,” Mr. Wiggin said fondly. 

The new elective, available to eighth-graders in the Middle School, took off immediately. Acting is the most popular course, with 16 students already signed up; additionally, Middle School acting is also the longest elective, lasting a whole semester instead of a quarter. The focus of this course is simple: students will learn how to read scripts, understand how a theater functions, and practice their acting skills. 

This new elective will dig deeper beyond the surface, Mr. Wiggin believes. “Untold stories, stories we have not heard, are discovered through acting. Every day we get to step into a story, into our emotions, have some fun, and explore what genuinely makes us tick,” Mr. Wiggin explained. Ms. Sciglimpaglia agreed too, “Middle school is such a huge turning point for many kids, and through this class, they can step into the discomfort and vulnerability of acting, and students can get rid of the barrier most of them walk in,” she said.

 Beyond teaching students valuable lessons, this elective provides Middle School students with the preparation they need to play in Upper School musicals and plays. The focus on developing acting skills during one quarter of the course will be advantageous to students performing for the first time. The extra time and practice will allow them to catch up to more advanced children; additionally, the energy and passion of Mr. Wiggin will lead all students to the right place. 

“When I first met Mr. Wiggin, his energy and big personality stood out to me right away. I loved how happy and passionate he seemed, and I am glad that he can bring that to KO,” Ms. Sciglimpaglia stated when remembering their first interview. Acting courses at Kingswood Oxford will be very successful in the future: Theater will provide a new generation of kids with the opportunity to explore their passions.