CT Speaker at Lunch & Lead


On Monday, Nov. 14, the Leadership Council welcomed Speaker of the State House Matt Ritter to speak with students at a Lunch and Lead event.

Mr. Ritter was invited to campus by junior members of the council Amogh Peddapothla and Samir Patel. These students also guided the discussion at slow points and announced the Lunch and Lead event to the Upper School during an assembly.

Director of the Leadership Center Sandi Goss remembers the first time KO tried to host a Lunch and Lead speaker when the students couldn’t get in contact with a potential guest. “I’m so proud of the kids for taking this on and for going outside their comfort zone,” Mrs. Goss said. “People were a little intimidated to reach out to people, but I had to encourage them to try again.”

Now, in the third year of Lunch and Lead, KO has a long list of successful visiting speakers who have left a mark on students. Mr. Ritter spoke about his position in state politics and his ideals of leadership and professionalism, sharing specific examples from his life.

Through the event, sophomore Lily Temkin learned about Mr. Ritter’s career and the impacts of his leadership. As an alum of KO, Mr. Ritter was also excited to share with students stories from his time here in his teenage years. “I found it interesting how beneficial his time at KO was for his career, and how connected he still was to the school along with his teachers and coaches,” Lily said.

Overall, Lunch and Lead provides a great opportunity for students to connect with interesting people who have excelled in their careers, and having Mr. Ritter on campus created a unique opportunity that was engaging for students.

“Lunch and Lead gives insight into people who have developed leadership skills over time from their experiences or careers,” Samir said. “Right now, there’s not too many options to learn about leadership at KO.” However, the Leadership Council hopes to change that by bringing culture and knowledge to campus with a variety of speakers like Mr. Ritter.