Choreographers’ Showcase impresses


Clouds of fog are illuminated by a soft light on the stage in Roberts Theater. The lights go down, and when they turn on, a silhouette stands facing the audience. As an upbeat, violin remix of Ariana Grande’s “7 Rings” sounds out through the theater, the 2022 Choreographers’ Showcase has begun.

As usual, director of theater Kyle Reynolds brought in numerous professional choreographers to workout with KO students to put together this production. This year’s included Chantal Edwards, Sinque Tavares, Brandon Gregoire, Lucie Shultz from the New England Ballet Theater Company, and Meghan McDermott from IMMIX Dance Company, both of which have local partnerships with KO.

This year’s performance featured ballet, jazz, hip-hop, modern, and contemporary styles of dance. Senior Co-Captain Frank Pu, who opened the Showcase with a duet with fellow senior Bella Theodorou stated that hip hop is his favorite style. “I also really liked Mr. Reynolds’ dance because he allowed me to solo,” Frank said.

Senior Alice McClure, who has participated in the Showcase since her freshman year, says that her favorite style of dance is modern. “It allows me to add my own emotions and artistic inspiration while still staying true to the technique,” she said. “Contemporary and modern are both heavily inspired by ballet, so it was fun for me to compare the differences and similarities between these different styles of dance.”

Since its debut performance in 2019, Choreographers’ Showcase has developed greatly to become what we know it today. “It has evolved into a platform where students are able to go out of their comfort zone and to achieve something they have never achieved before,” Frank said. 

Alice also noted the difference between the first Choreographers’ Showcase and the one it is today. “Thankfully last year as well as this year, we didn’t have to face a lot of restrictions from COVID-19 with our performance,” Alice said. “I am so grateful for the new freshmen that have been able to join us this year, as well as for the opportunity to work with choreographers like Brandon and Lucy who were not here last year.”

“My favorite part of the process of Choreographer’s Showcase was tech week,” Alice said. “Even though spending long hours at the school can be exhausting, it was so much fun to spend extra time with my friends backstage, and to see our choreographers’ artistic visions come to life on stage with lights and sound.”

Both Frank and Alice had strong feelings about their last Showcase. “I felt very nervous because it was my last showcase, so I wanted it to be as good as possible. I just feel that I’m really lucky to be here,” Frank said. 

Alice shared similar sentiments. “It’s so surreal that this was my last showcase,” she said. “Before joining the Choreographers’ Showcase, I never really used dance as a form of self expression. It is so nice to have been able to use it as a creative outlet.”

We’re excited to see the progression of this amazing tradition, and we wish all the seniors in the Showcase luck with their continued explorations of dance in the future!