KO Visits UConn Health


On Monday, Nov. 21, KO students in the Health Ambassadors club traveled to UConn Health in Farmington for a unique, hands-on experience.

Sophomore club leader Jenna Kanaan said she was excited that she was able to create this opportunity for students interested in the medical field. “As a club leader, I’m exposing all the members to new things,” Jenna said. “I didn’t want it to be classroom-style because our main goal about this club is having this be an interactive, hands-on experience.”

Health Ambassadors’ faculty advisor and science teacher Dr. Alexa Tzanova had been looking forward to the trip because of the unique angle of learning it gave the club members. “Having a club on campus is one thing,” she said. “The opportunity to not just bring an outside person, but having that experience by going out and seeing something in-person was really nice.” 

As part of the field trip, students got to study the Anatomage tables, which are used by UConn medical students. The tables show the three planes of a human body scanned 2,000 times in an interactive display. Allowing a detailed visualization of where organs and blood vessels are located, the tables helped students gather further insight into human anatomy.

The club was also able to visit UConn’s Simulation Center, where med students encounter similar situations to ones they would face in real life through the use of mannequins and technology. Here, simulation technicians taught students how to intubate and some of the basic skills for laparoscopic surgery.

Sophomore Addisen Nicholson said she enjoyed the realistic circumstances presented in the simulation lab. “I loved how we got hands-on experience in a low-stress environment,” Addisen said. “The opportunities and options there would be very helpful to students like myself who are looking to go into the medical field but don’t know where they want to go specifically.”

On the whole, the immersive experience was eye-opening for club members, and Jenna hopes to build a connection with the people at UConn to continue this event annually.