Looking ahead to the 2023 musical season


For years, the KO theater department has been putting out high-quality productions that have been enjoyed by the entire KO community. The most recent production of “Hyperfocus” as the 2022 Fall Play is the perfect example of a successful display by the theater department. “Hyperfocus,” written by Jim Knable, centers around a young boy named TJ as he grows up with ADHD. The play was extremely successful in delivering an entertaining show with an educational aspect too.

After each performance of the fall play, director of theater Kyle Reynolds invited a panel of experts to speak on how ADHD affects the brain, as well as the way it can impact everyday tasks. He also invited members of the KO community who have been diagnosed with ADHD, as well as their families, to come to watch.

The set, which resembled a rubix cube, would light up as each actor walked along their carefully blocked-out paths. The play included original songs written by Jim Knable, which creative arts teacher David Zucker was able to compose to create a fun, pop-rock score. Each of the actors did a beautiful job of bringing Mr. Knable and Mr. Reynolds’ visions to life. Mr. Knable even gave the show his stamp of approval and was in the audience for both performances.

After such a successful start to the year, the question remains: what is next for KO theater? Last Friday, our questions were answered with the long-awaited musical announcement. This year, the 2023 musical will be “Sweet Charity”.

In 1966, Charity Hope Valentine continuously tries to find the love of her life, somewhat unsuccessfully. Despite working in a decrepit dance hall in Times Square, she is hopeful that one day she will escape and find a steady job that can support her and her husband. With original choreography by Bob Fosse and music by Cy Coleman, “Sweet Charity” is a classic, and will surely be a hit when it comes to Roberts Theater in February.

Our KO thespians are definitely excited to tell this story to the community. “Having a musical that can fit so many levels of dance experience and singing experience really allows us to leave our comfort zones and audition for roles we may not have ever expected to audition for,” sophomore Alex Segal said. “This year is definitely going to be a memorable one.”

Carrying that sentiment forward into 2023, we are so excited to see another one of Mr. Reynolds’ creative visions come to life with this year’s Winter Musical!