The tragic Bristol shooting raised a red flag for gun control


The unfortunate news of the brutal murder of two valiant police officers in Bristol, Conn., on Oct. 12, has sparked discussions among the police and government sectors. Such a tragedy shocked the tight-knit Bristol community of 60,000 people. 

This incident made the headlines when the state police cordoned off the scene and shot both assailants, identified as 35-year-old Nicholas Brutcher and his brother Nathan Brutcher, aged 32. The former died on the spot, while the latter is now discharged from the hospital but is still under investigation. According to the report, Nicholas Brutcher attacked the police from behind and fired around 80 shots.

It was ironic and shocking that an emergency service was used to trap the police officers, who were subsequently killed in an ambush, as the Hearst Connecticut Media Group reported.

The rising number of assaults on police officers and other law enforcement agencies has raised concerns for police safety. Targeting emergency responders will create an environment where nobody feels safe and pressures the police to verify the calls before taking action. Taking time to verify may have severe consequences as the rescue services are delayed.

After the incident, the people of Bristol called for gun control and an immediate end to actions targeting security personnel. Many of them sacrificed their lives for the safety of this community as the brave officers Alex Hamzy and Dustin DeMonte did. Officer Alec Iurato survived but was also injured in the shooting of Nicholas Brutcher. Police officers and private citizens alike publicly condemned the incident and called for peace.

Quite a few government officials made their views known in the open. Bristol’s current Mayor, Jeff Caggiano, said that Bristol is an All Heart City but the day the police officers were shot the hearts of the people in Bristol were broken. The governor of Connecticut, Ned Lamont, announced that the flags should be flown at half-mast to mourn the deaths of the brave officers. “A senseless tragedy,” Lamont said in response to the incident.

Many were shocked since nobody expected such a shooting to cost the loss of two police officers who safeguarded the citizens round-the-clock. Some concerned Bristol citizens put up blue lights in front of their houses to show their support for the local police.

Since the present inquiry has uncovered no indicators that the Brutcher brothers intended to convict crimes, a more thorough, evidence-based probe of their motivations for the violent act is required.

When compared to other states, Connecticut’s gun safety regulations are considered to be among the strongest in the country by the Giffords Law Center, an organization with the mission of reducing gun violence. However, the shooting in Bristol is yet another example of why stricter gun control measures are necessary. Illegal or unlicensed weapons should be confiscated to ensure the safety of the community.

It is suggested that before issuing the license for weaponry, motives must be checked, and applicants must sign bonds so that, in case of gun misuse, they would be held accountable by the law.

There is an urgent need to review and revise the gun license issuance policy so that the safety and security of people may be ensured. The gun licenses must be renewed every few years. Achieving effective gun regulation will need a concerted effort on everyone’s part. To prevent criminals from obtaining firearms in states with loose gun regulations, citizens of all 50 states may do more to promote gun control at a national level.