Piff senior farewell


A member of the KO News since her freshman year, senior Piff LaBoy has been a dedicated photography editor, attending and photographing as many events as possible in order to add a personal touch to each newspaper issue. 

Piff warmly reflects on her time on the staff. “Being a part of KO News will always be a really good memory from my time here,” Piff said. 

A particularly fond memory she has are the Tuesday night planning meetings for the upcoming issues. “You plan and organize with your group, and if you don’t have anything to do, you get to chill with your friends,” she said.

One aspect of KO that Piff will miss photographing is KO athletics. “I’m definitely going to miss taking photos during wild games,” she said, with a smile. “If you see someone screaming their lungs out, you can take an amazing photo of that and turn it into something really fun for the news.”

In addition to this, this year’s Hewett Day night game provided the perfect opportunity for a cinematic and candid shot. “It was smoky; it was foggy,” she said. “To be able to get my first legitimate candid photo that I really did love and could play around with was really special.”

Piff plans to attend Union College next fall, and hopes to continue photography as a hobby. “I don’t think I’ll be doing anything newspaper-related until I get fully settled into college,” she said. “I’ll definitely go around taking candid photo shots for sports photography.”

Piff shared some wise words for future photo associates. “Get your own perspective on photos,” she said. “Make it your own so that people will be able to recognize the news. Just have fun with it.”

The KO News staff wishes Piff the best of luck in her future endeavors, and will miss her enthusiasm and effort she has put into the newspaper over the last four years to make it the best it could be.