Stephanie Lu Senior Profile


After two years of intense back-and-forths, critical reviews, and voicing her strong opinions, senior Stephanie Lu is saying goodbye to the KO News. For the past two years, Stephanie has been on the staff as both an Associate and Head Editor for Opinions.

Before coming to KO for her junior year, Stephanie had always been interested in writing for a school newspaper, but did not have the opportunity to share her work and showcase her talent. “When I got to KO, I realized there was such a big newspaper, and I was excited to write,” she said.

Some of Stephanie’s fondest memories from her time with the paper come from writing opposing opinion pieces with junior Associate Opinions Editor Maia Killory this year. These articles address debates between coffee and tea, colder or warmer weather, the benefits and drawbacks of cell phones, and the true purposes of Valentine’s Day.

Stephanie has used her position on the paper to advocate for current issues, recalling an article on fast fashion she wrote earlier this year. “My favorite article to write was one about fast fashion,” she said. 

Stephanie also mentioned her argumentative piece on cultural under-portrayal. “I think ​​ my best article is the one about how there’s a lack of Asian representation in modern literature,” she said.

Moving forward, Stephanie will be attending Middlebury College as a comparative literature major, building on the interest sparked by her work on the KO News.

Her parting words of wisdom for current staff truly show her expertise and confidence. “Always come to meetings with ideas, especially for opinions and reviews, because you have to come up with them on your own,” she said. “Be prepared, and try your best!”

The KO News thanks Stephanie for her contributions to the staff and we wish her the best of luck in her future endeavors!