Senior Farewell: Abby Baier


As her time on the paper comes to an end, senior Abby Baier reflects fondly on her time with the KO news and her contributions to the staff.

Serving as Head of Photography for three years, Abby has enjoyed being the leading photographer for the paper. Although she claims she was never very good at drawing or painting, Abby has always loved visual art and began to explore her options during her sophomore year. “I knew I didn’t want to write,” Abby said, “so, when the opportunity came up for me to take pictures, I jumped on the offer.”

Some special memories from her time on the KO News include Tuesday night planning meetings and Sunday morning News Days to lay out the paper. She loved being able to spend time with the crew and put together a vibrant and interesting paper each month. 

Aside from the paper, Abby’s favorite projects to work on have been the thread magazine photoshoots. “Being the head photographer was amazing and all the shoots were really fun and creative,” she said. 

Despite her effort and hard work, she finds that people tend to underestimate how much work it actually takes to be a photographer. “No, you’re not writing,” Abby said, “but you have to take and organize the photos, communicate well, and build many important skills throughout.”

To any future photographers out there, Abby wants them to know that you have to be willing to work hard and put in the effort to accomplish great things.

The KO News team thanks Abby for her dedication to the paper and wishes her the best as she begins her journey at the University of Connecticut to study psychology in the fall!