Player of the Moment: Will Jacobs


A passionate player, coachable athlete, and friendly teammate, senior Captain Will Jacobs is an outstanding member of the boys varsity tennis team. With many years of experience, Jacobs avidly contributes to the team both athletically and socially. 

Jacobs became interested in playing tennis from a young age. His mother was an avid player herself, which motivated Jacobs to start playing with her. “I find [tennis] really enjoyable,” he said. “I play with a lot of friends as well as my parents during the summer break. It’s just a fun sport.”

Tennis has allowed Jacobs to form relationships with his teammates. Thus, Jacobs has enjoyed playing doubles. This type of playing has allowed Jacobs to bond with a variety of people on the team, despite differences in grades.

Despite Jacobs’ love of doubles, he is a versatile player on the team. He plays both doubles and singles and continuously puts the team first. Head Coach Andrew Krugman recognizes and appreciates this dedication. “He is just the ideal captain,” he said. “He’s competitive, works hard in practice, and is supportive. He is just about as nice a guy as you’ll ever meet, and he gives it 100%.”

Coach Krugman additionally believes that Jacobs’ playing style makes him a competitive opponent, even if there is a divide in skill level. “What Will knows how to do is think his way through a match,” he said. “He finds a way, and even if he goes against a stronger player, he can make life absolutely miserable for that opponent. If you’re going to beat Will, you have to beat Will. He will not defeat himself.”

Before matches, Jacobs finds a way to motivate both his teammates and himself through speeches. Jacobs’ skill of public speaking was refined through being a captain for the boys squash team this past winter. “Before the squash season, I really was not a motivational speaker at all,” he said. “Now that I’ve had that experience, I have a better sense of my role as the leader of a team. I try to be there for everybody, and I try to keep them as positive as possible.”

Jacobs has made a strong impression on Coach Krugman. His willingness to jump into any situation of playing, his supportive nature, and his maturity have set him apart from his teammates. “If every kid was as coachable, mature, and competed as hard as Will, coaching would be the easiest job,” Coach Krugman said. 

Jacobs put a strong emphasis on having fun when playing tennis. These beliefs help to form a team environment in which everyone feels supported and finds joy in competition. “I just really want to have fun,” he said. “I would just say losing against people who win with humility is always better than losing without it.”

Jacobs has become a role model for his teammates, as someone who stresses the importance of a strong team dynamic, listening to coaches, and having fun while playing. His strong leadership is sure to set the team up for success as they prepare for their next competitions against Cheshire Academy and Westminster School!