Senior Farewell: Alice McClure


As the year comes to an end, senior Alice McClure reflects on the multiple positions she has held on the KO News, along with the ways it has positively impacted her. 

Beginning her freshman year, Alice joined the Photography section of the KO News. “Things were very different then because of Covid so I had to find most of my pictures online, since we couldn’t take pictures in person.” she said. 

It was at that point that Alice realized how much she enjoyed the KO News and that she wanted to continue pursuing it as a writer. “I really loved the meetings and wanted to be a part of it in a greater way.” she said. At the end of her sophomore year, Alice took a journalism class and began writing as an Associate Arts Editor her junior year, and eventually became the Head Editor of Arts this past year. 

Being a part of many different aspects of the KO News, Alice has found great passion in writing, specifically being able to help others in her section come up with ideas. She also enjoyed the way that interviews allowed for her to branch out and talk to new people. 

One of Alice’s favorite articles she’s written would have to be her artist of the month article featuring senior Eli Brandt. “We all know him as this really excellent diver, but most people don’t realize that he actually creates his own prints and runs an etsy shop,” she said.

From her experience on the staff, Alice hopes to carry along her ability to branch out of her comfort zone and talk to new people. One piece of advice that she gives is to not be afraid to reach out to people you may not normally talk to as you could create a great conversation or friend through it. 

We wish Alice the best of luck in her future endeavors and look forward to seeing all that she accomplishes along the way!