Senior Farewell: Tess Chapman


After taking journalism in eighth grade, senior Tess Chapman knew that journalism was something she wanted to continue pursuing in high school. In her junior year, Tess joined the staff as an Associate Opinions Editor and served as the Managing Editor of Opinions and Reviews her senior year. 

Tess has picked up a number of skills throughout her time on the staff, including “how to be a good leader and working with people who were also on the KO News”, Tess said. Another skill that Tess has gained throughout her time on the staff is strong communication. 

Tess has enjoyed the freedom that being an opinion writer gives her. “Being in opinions has given me the freedom to explore different topics of interest to me and do a deep dive on them, such as politics and current events,” she said. 

A highlight from Tess’s time serving on the news is when the whole staff would gather on News Day. “Just seeing everyone working so hard to produce one thing is a really cool feeling, and it gives you a strong sense of community,” she said. 

Tess shared her advice for new associates joining the staff. “Prioritize your articles and work on them sooner rather than later to ensure that you have enough time to check them over,” she said. Another piece of advice that Tess discovered was the importance of communication and having a support system among your peers. 

The KO News will miss having Tess on the staff next year, and we wish her the best of luck at Boston College in the fall!