Senior Farewell: Mckenzie Campbell


After passionately serving on the KO News as the Managing Editor for the Web for the last two years, senior Mckenzie Campbell reflected on her experience and all that she has accomplished.

During her freshman and sophomore years, Mckenzie held the position of an Associate Web Editor, and took a larger leadership role her junior and senior years serving as Managing Editor for the Web. 

Since she did not take a journalism class, Mckenzie got interested in digital news in her own time. “I took a quiz online once and thought that it was very cool and realized that I wanted to do this,” she said. 

Mckenzie’s favorite thing that she has done on the KO News was film an online exclusive of  “Who said it,” with fellow senior Chayse Shamleffer as it allowed her to branch out, and come out of it with some great and funny videos. 

Mckenzie urges students to get involved with the digital media aspect of the KO News. “Print information is kind of going out of style, so it is important to find ways that you can relay information to a younger crowd in an accessible and engaging way,” she said.

She encourages future staff members for both the web and print to think outside of the box. “By thinking out of the box, you will get great ideas that might not necessarily be out of the box, but will help you a lot along the way,” she said.

Mckenzie hopes to carry on with her the way that she has learned to lead her team through openness and the ability to have fun while still working. “A team environment is very important to me,” she said, “and I hope to lead in the future with that.” 

We wish Mckenzie all the best as she continues her academic journey at University of Michigan and we look forward to all that she accomplishes!