Senior Farewell: Hallie Braunstein


Since joining the staff as an Associate Web Editor her sophomore year, senior Hallie Braunstein reflected on all of the good memories the KO News has brought her.

During her time on the web, Hallie mainly worked on formatting the online layout of articles along with making online surveys. “Sometimes groups of people on the web would make surveys and quizzes which were more interactive,” she said. This has allowed her to have more creative liberty brainstorming questions and designing the format of the surveys and quizzes.

Hallie’s favorite thing that she has done on the web is creating a survey for Halloween this year. “We made a survey that asked what Halloween candy you were, and that was super fun to make and to see the results,” she said. 

Hallie enjoyed being able to see previews of articles before they were published since when she was laying them out, she was able to read them and get a sneak peek. “I specifically liked reading and laying out the sports articles,” she said.

Hallie hopes to do something in sports communications, and she will be able to use her experience on the web team to help her move forward in that area. “I think my time on the web will definitely help, especially when it comes to social media because I could do sports PR,” she said. Hallie encourages everyone to join the web because it is both a fun and useful experience.

We wish Hallie the best of luck at the University of Maryland and look forward to her success in the future!