Senior Farewell 


Throughout her time on the KO News, senior Sophia Brunalli has been a passionate writer tackling complex topics in various articles. She has worked in both the news and investigative departments and has continuously showcased essential school details to the KO Community. 

Sophia joined the news as a sophomore and worked as an Associate News Editor. In this role, she was responsible for covering crucial school events. “I felt like I was making a difference in the community by sharing stories,” she said. 

Later, in her senior year, Sophia took over as Co-Head Investigative Editor. She explored a wide variety of issues, including the origins of Nicholson Day and various senior traditions on campus. Sophia enjoyed sharing stories and possibly unknown topics with the larger community. 

Sophia’s favorite article to write was covering the 2021 Homecoming dance. “This was the first big article I wrote for the KO News, and I was so proud to have it on the front page,” she said. 

Additionally, Sophia has enjoyed working with the KO News community. She especially loved creating strong relationships with members of various grades. “I loved when we would meet for planning meetings after school or for News Days on Sunday mornings because I got to interact with so many different people that I otherwise wouldn’t have known,” she said. 

Sophia’s dedication to writing important articles for the KO community has made a significant difference in the staff this year. We will miss Sophia and her valuable contributions next year as she heads to the University of Virginia in the fall!