Salve to Mr. Ishiguro


Joining us at the beginning of the school year is Middle School and Upper School Latin intern James Ishiguro. Mr. Ishiguro attended Colby College for his undergraduate degree where he studied classics, which covers both Latin and Greek. He later continued his studies, gaining his master’s degree in classics at Trinity College Dublin. 

After beginning taking Latin classes in sixth grade, Mr. Ishiguro has grown passionate about the language. “Languages in general were something that I had always been interested in,” he said. “In the back of my head, I always knew [teaching Latin] was something that I might want to do.”

Mr. Ishiguro attended Rye Country Day School for high school and has always been surrounded by a community similar to KO. “I really enjoy the environment of KO along with being close to home,” he said when discussing what drew him to KO.

Just a few days into this school year, Mr. Ishiguro traveled with the eighth-grade students to Maine, where he was able to bond with both the students and faculty. “I got to know the Form 2 kids really well on our trip to Maine,” he shared. Not only did he find this experience enjoyable, but he thought it was a great way to kick off the school year. 

Along with the students, Mr. Ishiguro has really enjoyed spending time with faculty and getting to know them throughout his first few weeks. “All of the faculty and staff here have been super supportive and caring,” he said. 

Not only does Mr. Ishiguro love teaching Latin, but he is also very passionate about ultimate frisbee and hopes to start up a team or club with Upper School math teacher Mike Greenwald!

We are looking forward to welcoming Mr. Ishiguro this year and look forward to seeing all that he brings to KO!