Girls Varsity Tennis Strives to Succeed in Playoffs


The girls varsity tennis team has continued their strong season with an overall record of 16-3, including post-season matches. This record not only shows the team’s strength and high level of competition, but this record is the highest ever achieved for the girls varsity tennis program at KO. 

Now, as they wrap up their stellar season, the girls have qualified for the playoffs. The team was the third seed in the tournament and beat Westminster School 5-3. 

Next, the team faced Windsor School and was unfortunately defeated 0-5. However, the girls still have had a successful season. 

Currently, the team has the most wins in the Founders League. All of this success is due to the intense playing of their highly skilled seniors and the experienced coaching from Head Coach Ronald Garcia. 

Several players are especially proud of the strides the team has made in achieving their goals, including junior Hannah Malkin. “This season went by so fast, with the playoffs coming up fast,” she said. “The team has held a strong record of 15-2, and is working towards improving our record and finishing the season strong.”

Under strong leadership from Coach Garcia, the team has developed both mental and physical toughness. This strength has allowed the team to win a majority of their matches. “We wanted to win 80% of our matches, was the number I threw out there,” Coach Garcia said. “We’ve done that, we’ve exceeded where I thought we’d be. So, we’re doing better than I expected, which is rare.”

One impressive win the girls had in their season was against Taft School. Senior Co-captain Stella Dodd won in both #1 singles and #1 doubles matches. Freshman Alex Doering was the true hero of the tournament. Despite an ankle injury, she won her match to lead them to a decisive victory.

The girls also showcased their strong playing against Williston Northampton. New players were also able to play, including sophomore Izzy Mendeloveci, sophomore Raine Wang, and junior Aashni Patel contributed to the stellar Wyvern win.

Seniors Co-captain Hallie Braunstein, Christina Mullen, Dodd, and Abby Baier have made a significant impact on the team this year. “We have four seniors that are in our top six,” Coach Garcia said. “They’ve all really improved their overall performance a lot.”

Dodd and Bruanstein have led their team through the season with poise and dedication. Their excellent leadership has enabled the team to solve many of the challenges that faced the team at the beginning of the season. “One challenge we had was in the beginning of our season when we were trying to figure out the best doubles pairings,” Dodd said. “It took the first few matches to figure out the best doubles teams.”

As the team wraps up its season, several players have been honored for their skills, positive mental attitude, and impact on the team. All seniors earned the Four Year award, showcasing their commitment to the program and high skill level. 

Additionally, freshman Doering won the Most Improved Player award for her continuous dedication and resilience when playing against tough competitors. Junior Loretta Szych, a new player this year who has made a substantial impact on the girls varsity tennis program, won the Coaches Award. Lastly, Dodd won the Most Valuable Player award for her high skill level and leadership on the team. 

Although the girls’ season is over, their high level of playing and their impressive record sets them apart from other past tennis teams. We wish the girls varsity tennis team good luck in their future seasons!