Ms. D’Addio Inspires Middle School Orchestra


After joining the staff this September, Middle School orchestra teacher Elise D’Addio is dedicated to bringing together a community of KO’s youngest musicians.  

Ms. D’Addio comes from a family of musicians, which inspired her to enter a musical career.  

Her musical experience started at the age of five when she learned to play the cello, and her love for music only grew from there.  

This year, Ms. D’Addio will be teaching the Middle School orchestra, a task she intends to take on with the idea of community in mind. After being graciously welcomed into the KO community by students and teachers alike, she hopes to give back and bring students together through music. “I want my students to feel like they are a part of something bigger than just learning the music,” she said.

Ms. D’Addio is inspired by the KO community as a whole and the welcoming environment she’s become a part of. “I think every teacher here has asked how they can help or if there’s anything I need,” she noted. “Even the students have asked me if there’s anything they can help me with, and in general everyone here has been super helpful and super supportive.”

As she enters a new school, Ms. D’Addio is ready to learn KO’s traditions and become a part of the Kingswood Oxford family. 

In the classroom, Ms. D’Addio is committed to learning about her students individually. By introducing questions of the day, she is able to form strong connections with her students and create a welcoming environment in practice. “I get to really see my students’ personalities,” she said, “and they’re just fun. The answers that they come up with are just ridiculous. It’s a great time.”   

We are so excited to welcome Ms. D’Addio into the KO family, and we can’t wait to see all of the musical talent she will share with our Middle School students!