KO warmly welcomes Danielle Burtman


Kingswood Oxford is delighted to welcome a new addition to the community, Associate Director of Admissions Danielle Burtman! While Ms. Burtman is new to working at KO, she is already familiar with the community, being a proud KO parent.

Ms. Burtman grew up not far from KO, in Glastonbury, and went on to attend Boston University for her undergraduate degree in sociology. She then continued on to law school at Western New England University and practiced law before receiving her master’s from Central Connecticut State University. Prior to coming to KO, she worked at Central Connecticut State University where she did special programming in admissions and helped admit students into a grant-funded program.

Besides interviewing prospective students, reading applications, and giving tours as needed, Ms. Burtman will also be working alongside Director of Athletics Josh Balabuch, acting as a liaison between admissions and athletics. 

Despite being new to working at KO, her time as a parent has helped shape her transition into her new role. “I think KO is a great community,” she said. “I like that kids are happy here. I was happy as a parent here, and I think I enjoy sharing that with other people because I think applying to schools – whether it’s a high school, middle school, or college – it’s a big deal. I think if you have someone at the school who’s willing to answer your question, go the extra mile, kind of be your point person and is authentic and true, it helps a lot.”

Outside of school, Ms. Burtman is an avid traveler and beach-goer. She also enjoys cheering on her kids’ sporting events and spending time with her family. In addition, she’s eager to witness everything KO has to offer, like the arts performances, this year’s Symposium author Ibi Zoboi, and various sporting events. 

We welcome Ms. Burtman to Kingswood Oxford, and we are excited to see what she will bring to the community!