What is happening with the spring season?


COVID-19 is a deadly virus that has led to a nationwide pandemic, and Connecticut has been the target of over 2,500 cases and over 35 deaths. This has caused the state to go into an unofficial lockdown, requiring everyone to social distance. Furthermore, schools are no longer in session, and the spring sports season at Kingswood Oxford (as well as most other schools) has been suspended. 

The suspension of the spring sports season has caused many questions for students, some of them being: Will the sports requirement be taken away? Will there be workout plans sent out for students to stay in shape with? What is happening with the spring sports season?

Director of Athletics Debbie Fiske has been in high spirits even with the recent spread of COVID-19, and she explained everything students need to know about the spring season. 

All spring sports coaches have been encouraged to motivate their athletes to get outside and practice. They have been asked by the athletic department to share drills, exercises, and workouts that can be beneficial for student-athletes. Even yoga and strength and performance will be sending out emails to help their student-athletes stay in shape during this time at home. 

The athletic department is hoping that form deans and advisors will try to encourage fitness since it is healthy for all. Ms. Fiske described the Wyvern Fit challenge as an initiative to get the whole community moving and having fun through various workouts, with little to no equipment needed. “The Challenge takes a team approach to build healthier lifestyles within our KO community,” Ms. Fiske said. Everyone is encouraged to participate in whatever physical manner they can. “We are fine-tuning it now and hope to unveil it late next week and begin on April 6,” she said. Everyone in the KO community is welcome to participate including staff, parents, students, and alumni.

If KO does return to school when expected, the spring season will continue where it left off.  Teams will practice, and games will be scheduled, even if they are not the usual schools the athletes play. “If we return to school with weeks to go before the end of the school year, we will return to as much of ‘normal’ practice as possible,” Director Fiske said. 

Another question many athletes have asked is, “Will spring athletes be rewarded varsity letters or will the season not count?” Ms. Fiske mentioned how the department has not talked about this since they are hoping to return to school after April 20, which would lead to a “normal” practice schedule. If the rest of the school year is canceled, the athletic department will determine the right course of action. 

The athletic department is trying to maintain a sense of balance and normalcy in the community during this chaotic time. “We would still like to operate with the intent that the athletic requirement for the spring season is still in play and everyone will practice honesty and integrity in fulfilling their obligations,” Ms. Fiske said. She emphasised that despite recent changes, it is important all students keep a balance between school and breaks so they can keep up their mental health and wellness. “Exercise should play a role in this routine and as a foundation towards future athletic and health and wellness goals,” she said.  

Athletics are a big part of KO’s community, and Ms. Fiske urges everyone to keep a positive outlook on the spring season and hope for the best.