Winter 2018-2019 musical: ‘Chicago!’


After a successful performance of the fall play, it’s that time of year again, and the winter musical is near. This year’s musical, “Chicago,” was announced by theater director Kyle Reynolds at assembly with a clever and funny introduction full of musical theater puns.  “I chose ‘Chicago’ because it celebrates two very independent women in leadership roles,” Mr. Reynolds said. “I think celebrating that on stage is really powerful.” He went on to say that the musical’s popularity also played a role in the decision. “I wanted to make sure it was something that everybody knew and something that everyone could leave humming the tunes to,” he said.

The musical tells the story of two women, Roxy and Velma, who murder their husbands and are trying to prove their innocence.  Taking place in the 1930s, it deals with not only themes of family and relationships, but also women in prisons at the time. “It’s all about manipulation in storytelling,” Mr. Reynolds said. “It makes for a really, really high energy story.” Being able to perform such a well-known show is especially exciting for KO, as we’ve been denied the rights to the musical multiple times before. “Chicago,” being one of the longest running broadway shows of all time, is particularly selective in who they give the show to. Anytime KO does a musical, there is an application process to get a license to do the show, and depending the show the application can be denied. “I’m just happy that we finally got it,” Mr. Reynolds said.

Sophomore Snehaa Ram, who is a part of the ensemble, said she liked the amount of dancing that’s involved. “Chicago is a really exciting show to put on because we’re going to be diving into so many new and exciting challenges, especially dancing,” she said. “It’s unique to anything KO has done before.”

Mr. Reynolds said that he chose a musical with a lot of dancing because it’s something KO hasn’t really done before.“I know a fair bit about dance, and I think that’s one of the things that our program is lacking,” he said.

Senior Ben Small said he is looking forward to the musical. “I’ve never seen ‘Chicago’ and am excited to see what the actors can do,” he said.

Overall, Mr. Reynolds is excited to see everything come together. “It is true musical theater, the most of singing dancing and acting at the same time it can possibly be,” he said. “I hope that [the audience] just is blown away.”