JV sports teams win crucial early season games, move closer to goals


Winter is finally here, which means new sports teams are meeting and practicing with each other for the first time. The varsity sports are always exciting, but the JV sports are always a wild card with new players and new goals. Here are what the teams look like for this season.

As for JV girls basketball, the team is looking strong this year. With a team dominated by returning players, they are well prepared and acclimated to playing with each other and against some tough opponents. Looking back on last year, the girls went 8-5 overall, dominating the league with a 4-1 record, whereas the non-league opponents was where they struggled, going 4-4.

When talking about recent games Head Coach Ronald Monroe said that having such an experienced team is a great advantage.“We have a lot of returning players this year,” Coach Monroe said. “We were able to play strong because of that.”

The team played very well in their first game against Taft School, scoring 45 points to Taft’s 21 points. Some of the outstanding players were sophomore point guard Catherine Daniels. She played a strong game, carrying the team as well as playing strong defense. Sophomore Emma Henry played well, scoring key baskets in the first half and shutting down Taft’s offense. Finally, sophomore point guard Cici Chagnon played well. She came off the bench, and ended up scoring a good portion of the team’s baskets.

Hopefully they can keep up this level of play going up against teams like Northfield Mount Hermon School after break.

As for the boys, they look like a well oiled machine. With returning players junior shooting guard John Doar, junior small forward Jack Risley and sophomore point guard Nate Capodice, the team is already playing well together. In addition, with newcomers including junior center Wes Pierce and junior power forward Sam Capodice, the team is looking to dominate.

Last season, the team went 9-4 overall. They played well against their league, going 4-1, and played fairly well against the non-league teams, going 5-3. This past week, the boys played against Westminster School and defeated them 41-32.

Although they pulled out the win, they still have a long ways to go if they want to continue to play well. “Although we played well,” Pierce said, “we need to work on boxing out and getting the rebounds, this will come as we continue to work.”

As the boys and girls continue to work hard and play together, they will continue to become dominant forces that will be hard to beat. This will only come by working together and attacking their weaknesses.

As for squash, the girls have a solid team this year. Even though they have yet to play a game, they are serious and driven to win. In the practices that they have had this year, technique and form are the biggest proponents.

With drills for the group of younger players new to the sport, and working on game planning and perfecting their game for the returning veterans, the team is guaranteed to improve their record from last year.

“We aren’t focused on last season,” Head Coach Cameron Biondi said, “We are more organized and have practice plans that will help our players improve.”

With all the drills and hard practices, juniors Esha Kataria and  Sophia Kaufman are emerging as powerful and driven players. Kataria has become a strong player, dominating her opponents. Kaufman on the other hand is well-experienced, often using strategy to beat her opponents. They will be great players and leaders for the team.

“I’m really excited for the season,” coach Biondi said, “the team is looking better and better everyday.”

The girls squash team plays their first game against Millbrook School on Jan. 5.

Finally the boys squash team is looking to be a strong team. With a mix of returning players and those eager to progress, they are shaping up to be a great team and hope to improve their record from last season. This year, practices are more structured, as to help new players improve their form and fundamentals with a series of drills. For the returning players, game strategy and elevating their level of play are the main ideas.

The boys won their first match 6-1 against Eagle Hill School on Saturday, Dec. 1.

Overall, the boys are focused and eager to improve. The boys play their next game on Jan. 9 against Westminster School.