Government for the students

In the Middle

In every aspect of school life, faculty members are in control, except in Student Government. The Student Government plans students’ social events such as dances, holiday celebrations and more.

Students who want to run for Student Government must make a speech. If they run for the major roles of Treasurer or President, they speak to the entire Middle School.

However, if they want to be a Form Representative they speak only to their grade. After a day or two of campaigning, the students go to a “voting booth” or Assistant Director of the Middle School Mrs. Dunn’s office to cast their votes. This year, eighth-grader Ethan Leshem was elected president; eighth-grader Madison Oh was elected vice president and eighth-grader Jacob Joseph is this year’s treasurer.

Mrs. Dunn is the leader of Student Government and has been for 15 years. “I expect social events each year, Field Day and what students want to have each year and what they are motivated to have,” she said.

In previous years the only events student government dealt with were the dances and Field Day. Mrs. Dunn said she has experimented with new alternatives because some kids don’t like the dances. “Some of the dance alternatives had gone great like the Monster Mash Pumpkin Bash and the students will definitely agree,” Mrs. Dunn said. The Pumpkin Bash had a donut eating competition, pumpkin carving and a pumpkin decorating contest. In addition, the Pumpkin Bash had a spikeball tournament.

Eighth-grader Ethan Shames also commented on the changes to social events: “Mixed feelings, some events have gone great like the Pumpkin Bash and the dances have also gone really great in the past too,” he said.

Any student is welcome to attend a meeting and may choose to help plan and run events. “It all depends on how motivated they are because they could be a bystander and sit in the background or they could volunteer and be into it,” she said. The newcomers can also volunteer for helping out with Field Day or setting up events. Upcoming events include a dance in January and two other events that the Student Government will plan,