Alex Levin: the producer

In the Middle

We all have something that we feel passionate about. For some it is sports, for others it is art, but for eighth-grader Alex Levin, it happens to be producing music and beats.

Alex has been making music for the last two years. He started in Mr. David Zucker’s electronic music class, and immediately fell in love with creating music. This passion was apparent to other students, and his impact on the class has been very positive.

One of Alex’s classmates, eighth-grader Jack Decker, has enjoyed Alex’s presence. “A lot of times when we get there, he is doing work, even when other people aren’t,” he said. Another one of Alex’s classmates, eighth-grader Finn Boyd, agreed. “When he is working, he is just working and not letting anything distract him for the whole 60 minutes of the class,” he said.

Alex’s teacher, Mr Zucker, is very experienced in making music. He spoke very highly of Alex’s producing ability. “He only works. He is super focused on learning the programs. He really fine tunes his music, and is committed to making his music the best it can be,” he said. According to Mr. Zucker, Alex’s love for music has expanded outside of the classroom. “He set up a studio at his house because he was so inspired to make music, and he has learned tons of things about music there,” said Mr. Zucker.

Although Alex has only been learning electronic music for one year, he has already focused in on trap music, which includes hip hop and rap. It is his favorite to learn and create. The formula for Alex’s success in music is very simple. “If you’re starting out making music, all you have to do is work hard, because with all of the resources available today, if you want to achieve, it you can,” he said.

Those who would like to listen to Alex’s music can find his creations easily. He is on SoundCloud, where his username is Blast Off Beatz. Even though he is only an eighth-grader, Alex has high ambitions with music, as well as high goals. As we have seen with countless artists, age plays little factor in the music industry.