Softball ends a hard-fought season strong


After a stretch of away games, girls varsity softball comes away with two wins and only a few losses after a rough beginning to the 2019 spring season. The team has some younger players but was ready for the season with many returning varsity players.

So far, the team has played in 18 games this season, pulling out five wins and a tie. The team didn’t have many returning juniors or seniors to help guide the team, so they went through a brief period of rebuilding.

“I think that every player contributes equally to the team,” sophomore shortstop Ava Radmanovich said, “but I would say that our catcher, freshman Lexi Vail, is an important asset since she has a lot of experience and is a strong hitter.”

Progressing through the season, the team has been improving slowly in their performance and how they are handling the upcoming games nearing the end of the season.

Practices for the team often included all the important assets of the game and things that Head Coach Jason Bradley said he thinks the team should work on for the upcoming games.

“Every practice we always will have a hitting drill and then an infield/outfield drill,” Radmanovich said. “Occasionally we will face live-pitching from our pitcher and practice base running to prepare for games.” The rest of the season only included two more games when the Wyverns faced Loomis Chaffee and Suffield Academy.

Radmanovich said the team was confident in their ability to win and finish the season strong. “We play Suffield Academy for our Senior Day game on Wednesday, which was a close game that ended in a loss last year. We also play Loomis for our last game which I’m confident about since we have beat them in the past.”

The Suffield Academy game on Senior Day was a tough loss but the Wyverns kept their spirits up, celebrating their three seniors.  Unfortunately, their last game against Loomis Chaffee was cancelled due to poor field conditions.

The team’s motto is “next pitch, next play.” Coach Bradley wants the team to keep a positive mindset throughout the games. Not focusing on mistakes and instead focusing on the positive helps the team succeed and will keep varsity softball a competitive team for many seasons to come.