An even year for swimming

In the Middle

The Middle School swim team raced their way to a respectable season record this year of 2-2. This is a great improvement from last year’s record. 

This year’s team, made up of mostly sixth and seventh graders, was relatively young and inexperienced. The lack of experience, however, did not stop them, as everyone was enthusiastic and worked to improve their skills. 

Head Coach Clayton Miles worked with all levels of swimmers. “We had four or five upper school swimmers, two, three or four summer swimmers, and the rest were pretty new to competitive swimming,” he said.

Some experienced swimmers were given a chance to compete with the Upper School swim team, including sixth-grader Abby Wildstein and seventh-grader Meghan Jo. “At KO, this is my second season, but I have been on a competitive team since I was five or six years old,” Jo said. 

Other team members have swam out of season as well, including eighth grader Emma Barringer. “I have always swam; I swam on a summer team and I just wanted to continue doing it,” she said. 

Some members of the team simply looked to try a new sport. Eighth- grader Erin Westfall did not have any other plans for the winter season. “My parents were like, just do it, and I wasn’t planning on playing basketball, so I did,” she said. 

Looking to the future, Coach Miles, along with his team, are hoping to improve even more next year. He remarked that swimming is a unique sport and different from many others. “It is just you in the water against the clock,” Coach Miles said.