Boys B basketball crushes the competition

In the Middle

Middle School boys B basketball completed the season with an excellent record of four wins and one loss. The team’s only loss was the first game of their season against Williston Northampton School; however, after that difficult game, they turned their season around and won the rest of their games.

Coach Jeff Gurganus praised his team for never giving up.  “One game we didn’t have half our team and we were losing by 15 points in the first quarter. We ended up getting neck and neck by the first quarter then beat them by like 20 points at the end of the game,” he said.

Eighth-grader Co-Captain Alex Levin thought that the overall environment of the team was amazing. “It’s great, I feel like it’s so fun because of [Head Coach Matt] Kocay and everybody you know just having a good time,” he said.  

Eighth-grader Co-Captain Cole Banning praised his team for their strong season and hard work. “I think it was a great season. We had some new players and we definitely all improved our game a lot,” he said.

Looking forward to the next season the B team expects a similar success as this year.  Coach Gurganus believes that some of his players could even make the A team next year. Although the team is losing key eighth graders, it will no doubt rebound, thanks to the fine leadership of Coaches Kocay and Gurganus.