Boys A basketball: a season to remember

In the Middle

KO’s Middle School boys A basketball team worked hard every day in practice and games, which led to a season with an outstanding record of 9-1. All of the players enjoyed having Coach Kyle Chapman as their coach, who taught them to play well together.

Coach Chapman focused on teamwork and encouraging the older players to step up. “I like challenging my eighth graders because I thought there were times where their leadership waned,” he said. 

Players stayed engaged in practice with Mr. Chapman as their coach. “I feel like every day we get better because he gives us a tip on something, or tells you what you’re doing wrong and tells you how to fix it,” said eighth grader Elijah Wells.

Seventh grader Scotty Cloud enjoyed playing on the team for the first time. “Being on the team taught me leadership, and how doing my part will make me a good teammate and a team player,” he said.

Wells was a leader on the team. “It was important for me to cheer the younger players on whether we were playing with them or against them in practices and during the games,” he said.

Eighth grader Adam Merritt was also a leader on the team and made an effort to include the younger students. “I tried to get the younger players more involved, and I passed it to them and tried to keep them into the practices,” he said.

Next year, Coach Chapman hopes the younger players will step up to become leaders. “My two seventh graders are both on the quiet side, but they could step up and become more verbal leaders, and my sixth graders could also improve their leadership,” he said.