Olympic Sports: the clash of the titans

In the Middle

Athletic programs at Kingswood Oxford are known in the Middle School to be very competitive. One sport that can be both competitive and relaxing is the Olympic sports team. In the field house the Olympic sports teams battle their friends and classmates in a variety of sports that are not scored but intended to promote fun as well as exercise.

 Olympic sports was created by Coach Ryan Radmanovich to provide kids with an active program even if they don’t want to play a competitive sport or have an out of school sports commitment.   

Coach Anastasia Quinn is very happy with the competitiveness of the kids and the amount of fun they have. “The games do get competitive at points but our main goal is to keep the kid’s blood pressure up and have some fun,” she said. 

Eighth-grader Griffin O’Shaughnessy, a first-year player on the Olympic sports team, enjoyed playing handball and kickball but loved basketball. “Basketball is really fun because I don’t usually play the sport, so it’s fun to play something new,” he said.   

   Eighth-grader JJ Hurley, also a first-year player on the Olympic sports team, is usually found on the ice but was also seen on the court in Olympic sports. “I play hockey and Olympic sports helps me stay in shape and helps me get ready for my real sport,” he said.  

In case anyone sees Olympic sports as a goof-off time, that is not the case. “It gets competitive at points,” Coach Quinn said. With a large number of kids that have participated this year in Olympic sports, it is obvious that the team will be even more active next year and incorporate new and exciting games to keep everyone moving.