Ellie Bavier ’18 finds soccer success at Middlebury


Middlebury soccer star and Kingswood Oxford alumna Ellie Bavier ’18 is finding incredible success in women’s soccer. Bavier transferred to KO her sophomore year and became an integral part of the girl’s soccer team. Her first year at KO, the girl’s soccer team was ranked second in the NEPSAC and went to the quarter-finals in the playoffs. During her junior and senior years, Bavier and the team still found success and held their own against the bigger boarding schools.

Bavier is currently a sophomore at Middlebury College, a Division III school. “I wanted to play soccer as well as have time to pursue other hobbies and extracurriculars,” Bavier said. She decided on looking at the NESCAC schools because they are top-ranked schools, and they have some of the best women’s soccer in the country. “It’s the perfect fit for me,” Bavier said. “I love the campus, and the people here are amazing.” 

The transition from high school to college was fairly easy for Bavier. “The only hard part was pre-season,” Bavier said. Pre-season at Middlebury consisted of two long practices a day in addition to film sessions. Her first season at Middlebury was intense. They finished the season 19-2-3. Middlebury ended up winning the NESCAC championship, beating its rival, Williams College, in the finals with a score of 1-0. Middlebury was also ranked in the top four teams going into the NCAA tournament. Sadly, they lost in the final round to Williams College. Despite this, Bavier saw the potential her team had, and it motivated her for the next season. 

During Bavier’s second season at Middlebury, the team continued to find success. Bavier found herself starting in at least half of the games as well as playing in every game during the season. “I was proud of the work I put in this year,” Bavier said. “I’m glad I was able to contribute to my team’s success.” Bavier ended up scoring two goals as well as having two assists. Middlebury finished the season 14-3-3 and was ranked in the top two or three teams in the league. Bavier also found success in the playoffs, scoring the game-winning goal in the quarterfinals against Wesleyan University. “It was one of my best moments so far,” Bavier said. Middlebury went on to the NESCAC championship, where they sadly lost to Amherst. 

Looking ahead in her college athletic career, Bavier has the potential to become one of the best players at Middlebury. She has demonstrated her ability to dominate on the field as well as assist her teammates in finding success. As for after college, Bavier doesn’t have a clear cut plan yet. Currently, she is majoring in neuroscience with a minor in theater. “I’m thinking about possibly going to grad school, but I’m not sure if that’s the right path,” Bavier said. She is also interested in other STEM fields such as biotech. Overall, Bavier is excited to see where both her athletic and academic paths take her, and she can’t wait to return to the pitch next fall.