Jeffery Davis: Penn State-bound


Many young athletes dream of playing Division I sports in college. For junior wide-receiver and defensive-back Jeffery Davis, that dream has come true. Davis recently committed to play football at Pennsylvania State University, a well-known, highly competitive team.

For any athlete, recruiting is a huge task. Getting noticed and remembered by coaches is extremely important. “The main way that I marketed myself to coaches was through Hudl,” Davis said, “which is a site that provides coaches the ability to watch your highlight videos.”

Not all recruiting can be done online though, and many athletes find success at camps and prospect days hosted by schools. “I feel like going to camps and competing against some of the top kids in the country helped me get noticed,” Davis said. 

Davis stands out as a hard worker on and off the field. “What I feel sets me apart from everybody else is my work ethic,” Davis said. “For example, not a lot of kids are willing to wake up at 4:45 in the morning to workout before school, but that is something I’ve been doing for years. Lastly, as a player, I stand out with my speed and athletic ability on the field.”

As a varsity multi-sport athlete, Davis was wowing football coaches during track season with standout times and admirable achievements. “Some of the times I ran in my events helped coaches notice me,” Davis said.

Davis received offers from multiple Ivy League schools, including Yale, Harvard, and Princeton. He also gained interest from Rutgers University, University of Tennessee, University of Connecticut, University of Michigan, Wake Forest University, and Boston College. Ultimately, Davis chose Penn State. 

He chose to join the Nittany Lions because of the welcoming atmosphere. “Since the first day Penn State offered me to play football there, it has felt like a family,” Davis said. “Also, the coaches have shown endless love, along with the fan base there.”

Davis says that his role model is his dad because he pushes Davis every day to improve and reach his goal of being in the NFL.

Davis’s teammates admire his tireless work ethic. Sophomore offensive lineman Jared Cotte has played with Davis for two years. “Jeff is a very hard-working player that doesn’t let anything get in the way of his goals,” Cotte said. “On game days, he’s the most focused player in the locker room. At some moments, it actually felt like I was playing with an NFL player. Jeff lets you know when you’re playing bad and when you’re playing well. It’s really fun to be on the same field, and I’m very sad to see him go.”

Davis plans to spend his senior year at Suffield Academy and is looking forward to continuing his career at Penn State University.