Halloween candy review


There are so many options when it comes to trick or treating. Do you prefer chocolatey or fruity? Sweet or sour? Crunchy or smooth? I will break down the top five best options for your night of trick or treating, then move on to a list of candies you should absolutely avoid at all costs.

Starting off at number five is Sour Patch Kids. These are good in very small amounts. If you eat too many of these, you quickly get a burning sensation on the roof of your mouth and in your gums. I recommend only grabbing one bag of these as you can only eat five or fewer before the pain kicks in.

Up next is M&M’s. These are absolute classics. Just chocolate and nothing else. They’re so simple yet leave you wanting more every time. I’ve noticed that the blue M&M’s taste better than all the other colors – call me crazy, but find out for yourself.

In third place, we have Twix. These are cookies coated in chocolate and caramel, a wonderful combination. However, they tend to be dry which is strange when eating candy. The chocolate tends to be a bit waxy as well, but their multi-dimensional flavor brings this candy to the next level.

The runner-up is Snickers, consisting of nougat topped with caramel and peanuts that have been enrobed in milk chocolate. This would and should be number one, but I considered that many people are allergic to peanuts. These are best thrown in the freezer overnight and eaten the next morning.

The first place has to be Kit-Kats, as the crunchy wafers wrapped in chocolate are the best candy you could ask for. Plus, they don’t contain allergens, which means everyone can enjoy them. The limited-time Halloween Kit-Kats are surprisingly really good as well, something that is not true for the Halloween version of most candies.

The first candy you should avoid on Halloween night is Yorks, which are absolutely disgusting. If I wanted to eat a York, I might as well just brush my teeth instead.

But there is no worse feeling than getting candy corn. These taste like you are eating straight candle wax. Of course, you can have a couple to get the typical Halloween experience, but when you get a pre-packaged bag of candy corns from someone’s house, it’s just not ideal.

Another candy which never gets finished around Halloween is the flavored tootsie rolls. I have never seen them in a store, and that is probably a sign that they shouldn’t be given out.

Finally, there are Nerds. As I got older, I also lost an appreciation for Nerds, as they are literally just pure sugar. They’re probably the number-one cause of Halloween headaches.