Best Halloween movies


With Halloween being right around the corner, maybe you ran out of time or simply just don’t want to search through On-Demand, Nextflix, or your other streaming services to find the best Halloween movies. Well, there’s no need to worry, because here is a list of the top movies to watch over your Halloweekend to get you into the holiday spirit.

First on this list is the movie “Halloween” (1978). Not going to lie – this one is only listed first because of the name. Directed by John Carpenter, this movie features the iconic villain Micheal Myers. It is a great movie to watch and a classic for sure.

Staying on the same page of classic movies, we have “Scream” (1996). This movie comes alive every Halloween night with the iconic costume of the villain worn by many kids. You would definitely recognize the white mask with curved eyes and long open mouth. The movie isn’t incredibly scary at the end of the day, but there are a few jump scares that will sneak up on you.

Another great Halloween movie is “It” (2017). What is there not to be scared of in this movie? From clowns to red balloons to jump scares, it will all put you in the Halloween spirit. This movie makes it seem particularly eerie whenever you see a single red balloon tied somewhere (no spoiler alerts).

A much more family-friendly Halloween film is “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown.” Who doesn’t know the line “I got a rock?” This movie is appropriate for all ages and most definitely a Halloween classic. I highly recommend it if you have young kids in the family, but don’t expect to be thoroughly entertained because most of us have seen it countless times throughout elementary and middle school.

The next movie on the list is “The Blair Witch Project.” This is a very interesting concept because viewers are following a group of three student filmmakers who are filming a documentary about a local legend known as the Blair Witch. The three students disappear, but their equipment and footage are rediscovered a year later. The viewer sees the found footage, which is what makes the movie. When you are alone in the dark, this is definitely not a movie you want to be thinking about.

This next movie is not necessarily considered a Halloween movie, but it is definitely scary. “The Conjuring” (2013) is regarded as one of the scariest movies of its time by most teenagers. Maybe it’s not as scary as I remember from my eighth grade Halloween when I first watched it, but it’s still good. Also, it being filmed in Connecticut and being based on a true story leaves an eerie sense, especially for all of us state residents.

If you want to watch a “scary movie,” I recommend “Scary Movie 3.” These movies mock the horror genre and will probably make you laugh more than anything. The goofy characters and overly-gory moments will probably not make you too scared to walk down your hallway with your lights off.

The movie “The Ring” (2002) is one I stumbled upon quite recently. This is a cool movie in the sense that the jump scares are really freaky and catch you off guard, but there is also a story you get to put together as the viewer.

I have yet to see the movie “Heredity,” but I have heard only good things about it and will most likely watch it soon. In addition, one last movie that could be good for us high school students is “Carrie” (1976), which is about a high school girl who is bullied to the point she begins to use her evil powers against everyone.

I hope you all enjoy this list, I tried to include a variety that would have a little bit of something for everyone. Happy Halloweekend!