MS students channel their inner “dj’s”

In the Middle

Rather than joining a traditional music class, some Middle School students have decided to try something new and chose music and media, taught by David Zucker ‘88. 

Almost everyone at some point in their lives has heard an electronic techno song. Lots of KO eighth-graders are embracing their inner “disc jockey” by learning how to electronically compose music of their own.

Eighth-grader Drew Dargati had never taken band, chorus, or orchestra before but had taken a class similar to music and media, so he chose to stick with it. “The most interesting part of this for me is Mr. Zucker’s style of teaching,” he said. “He knows how to incorporate fun into our learning, especially through different sounds and sound effects on Garageband.” Drew also loves learning about different apps and wants to recommend this class to others. “I would recommend this class to other students because it’s a unique class that provides you opportunities to work with different electronic music programs,” he said.

Eighth-grader Tyler Brown also made the choice to take music and media over chorus for several reasons. “I can not sing and also I thought that it would be an interesting class where I would get to learn about how to make music,” he said. Tyler loves all the different activities in this class. “We’ve been working with ukuleles and working on our midi project… we are learning how to create sounds, music, and beats with electronics,” he said.

Eighth-grade Declan Griffiths has found that Mr. Zucker is a great teacher and talks about him with a lot of enthusiasm. “My favorite part of the class is making beats with Mr. Zucker and my classmates,” he said.

Overall this class seems to be well enjoyed by all the students. Mr. Zucker is a great teacher who is loved by his students. Those who have any interest in music production or electronic music, should check it out.