Fashionista of the Month: Mac Louis


Senior Mac Louis always tries to put his best foot forward when it comes to the outfit choices that he makes. Mac always finds comfort in knowing that he is presenting himself in a way that makes him look like the best version of himself. “When I dress nice, I am more confident in myself, and am more presentable to those around me,” he said. 

One key part of all of Mac’s outfits is the color coordination that goes into them. He has figured throughout the years that the colors he chooses for the outfits are very dependent on the weather. For example on rainy days, Mac prefers to wear more blues and grays, whereas, during the summer and springtime, he typically wears brighter and more extravagant colors and pieces. 

One statement piece that Mac wears would be his yellow pants, which he normally wears during the spring and summertime as it follows that sort of theme. Another piece in his wardrobe that is seasonal would be his green pants which are more of a fall look. 

When it comes to his outfit choices, Mac takes great inspiration from his Papou, his grandfather. Growing up, Mac always took after his Papou’s style when it came to sweaters, along with his overall style. “He’s kind of like my fashion icon,” he said. Mac has been able to develop a wider fashion sense after seeing not only how his Papou dresses, but also how he presents himself. “I like to say that the future of fashion lies in the past,” Mac stated. He believes that the classics never go out of style.

 Along with hand-me-downs, Mac’s top two stores to shop at include Joseph A. Bank, along with Vineyard Vines. He enjoys adding bright colors to his outfits and finds that these stores give him pieces that allow him to do that. He likes wearing outfits that make him feel both confident and comfortable, so having a variety of choices and styles when picking your outfits is always helpful. 

Mac finds great confidence when presenting himself in the best way he can, so one piece of advice that he would offer when it comes to your individual fashion choices would be that it’s always better to overdress than underdress. “You’d rather look nice than feel uncomfortable,” he said. He encourages everyone to put in that extra effort when picking out their outfits in the morning. “The people around you will look at you differently if you dress sharper,” he said.