Player of the Moment: Loretta Szych


In her first year on the girls varsity tennis team, junior Loretta Szych has been an excellent role model, a reliable player, and a coachable athlete.

At the age of four, Szych’s dad started having her play at the Ludlow Tennis Club, in Ludlow, Mass. She then started playing competitively in U12 USTA (United States Tennis Association) tournaments when she was eight. 

Szych’s favorite part about the game is the commitment to independent improvement. “Between my club and the school team, I am coached by four coaches,” Szych said. “While I rely on each one for pointers on different parts of my game, it is up to me to synthesize what they say to transform myself.” 

Additionally, playing tennis is the only thing that takes Szych’s mind off of the stressors in life. “By playing, I feel as though I am being productive with my time not spent on school work,” she said.

Head Coach Ronald Garcia believes that Szych is extremely dedicated to the team. She always has a genuine enthusiasm for being a committed team player. “Adding Loretta makes us a very deep team,” Coach Garcia said. “Loretta is a tremendous competitor with a great will to win.”

Syzch has been a reliable player for the team, as she is the No. 2 singles player and No. 1 doubles player. “I enjoy playing for KO because of the devotion that everyone has to the sport and the team,” she said. “Between the other players and Garc’s coaching, I was hooked when I first came to watch the team in the spring of my freshman year. The addition of indoor tennis courts in the field house also showed the school’s devotion to the sport.” Her commitment to the tennis team is felt during not only practices but matches as well, where she works hard and hopes to be a role model for all the players. 

Junior Hannah Malkin believes that Szych makes a significant impact on the team. “Loretta is one of the most valuable players on the team due to her skill and positive energy,” she said.

Senior Co-captain Hallie Braunstein truly believes that Szych is a great addition to the team. “She tries her hardest in both practices and matches and brings a good energy to the group,” she said.

Like Malkin and Braunstein, Senior Abby Baier loves playing with Szych as she has been such an amazing addition to the team. “Not only is she a great player, but also a great teammate,” she said. “Her passion for tennis really motivates everyone on the team to strive for improvement, and her composure also keeps the team in check.”

Syzch’s dedication to the girls varsity team is continuously shown through her performance in practices and matches. She is thrilled to be a part of the KO tennis team and loves playing with and cheering on her teammates. Szych looks forward to continuing the season on a strong note, and cannot wait for the rest of her season!