Sparrow Pizza Review


Located in West Hartford Center, Sparrow Pizza Bar is an underrated spot perfect for any occasion. Although Sparrow opened its doors in September of last year, I hadn’t even heard of this location until a few weeks ago. After trying a couple different options on their menu, I definitely think that this restaurant does not get the recognition that it deserves.  

Complete with outdoor seating, a large bar, and a sleek modern interior, Sparrow is only a short walk away from the Kingswood Oxford campus. The interior of the restaurant is very spacious, and the large mural expanding the entire length of the restaurant adds to the distinctiveness of this restaurant. On the other end of the restaurant, large TVs display any big sporting games going on. Sparrow sells pizza, salads, sandwiches and a wide variety of desserts, so any customer will find something to enjoy.  

One downside to this restaurant is that there is no takeout option, so customers can’t choose to either dine in or take out. However, the high quality food and excellent service make up for their lack of delivery options. 

In West Hartford Center, the competition between pizza restaurants is high. So, what sets Sparrow Pizza apart from the competition? Personally, I enjoyed the expansive menu that made it difficult to pick only one meal. The “Build Your Own Pizza” option is an excellent addition to the already large menu, ensuring that there is an option for everyone. Unique toppings, such as truffle honey, pulled pork, and prosciutto are all available options on the BYOP menu.

The most unique aspect of this restaurant is the size of their crust. Co-owner Adam Greenberg prides himself on the thinness of the crust and the quality of his food. “Somebody called it ‘diet pizza’ because there’s less dough,” Greenburg joked. “It’s a vessel for good toppings and good ingredients.” Based on your preferences, the thinner crust could either be a strength or a weakness; however, it is still a unique aspect that achieves the owner’s goal of not blending in with the other pizza restaurants in the area. In addition, there is gluten free dough and vegan cheese available for anyone with dietary restrictions.  

The pizzas are all 10 inches, and come in many different flavors such as margarita or carnita.  There are also more creative options, like “Beat Bobby Flay,” which includes pulled chicken, cherry peppers, and “the sauce.” The price of pizza ranges from $14 to $18, making this restaurant a similar price point to Savoy, another pizza restaurant located in the center. Greenberg also hopes to expand the menu in coming years, giving customers even more options when ordering. 

Bruschetta and salads are also on the menu, with prices ranging from $10 to $14. Salad options include caesar, arugula salad, and fresh beet salad. Small bites, including mozzarella sticks, french fries, and brussel sprouts are also a good way to start off your meal.  

Overall, I would recommend Sparrow to anyone looking for a unique restaurant in the center.  The atmosphere inside and the variety of the menu effectively sets Sparrow apart from the crowd, especially in a location that is already flooded with pizza restaurants.