Where people are going for summer vacation

In the Middle

With the school year coming to a close, students are getting ready to travel for summer vacation.  

Eighth-grader Will Keegan says he is excited to travel to Florida with his family this summer. “I’m a little worried about Covid while I’m on the plane but other than that I feel safe enough to travel,” Will said. Will is most looking forward to visiting the beach and playing lacrosse with his family. 

Seventh-grader Lucas Wells is also traveling for vacation. Lucas is going to Martha’s Vineyard for summer vacation with his family and friends. Lucas is also looking forward to visiting the beach as well as hanging out with his friends.   

Math teacher Jane Repp is traveling to many different places like California and Maine this summer so she can visit her family and friends. Mrs. Repp is traveling by both plane and car but doesn’t have any hesitation traveling. “I don’t have any hesitations because I got the vaccine,” she added. “Also, since more people are getting the vaccine, I feel safe.”

With the end of the school year in a couple of weeks, the decision on whether to travel or not is upon the students of the middle school.